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Rodney “The Mutt” Mullen

      Born on August 17, 1996 Mullen had dreams of becoming a skater since his early childhood, as early as 10 years of age. He lived in a strict household with a dentist as a father, skateboarding was no exception to the limits his father placed on him. However, he was persistent to skate and even promised his father that if he were to get seriously injured, he would quit. “My dad wouldn’t let me have a skateboard. He thought I’d get hurt and never get good, and the culture was bums, and I’d turn into one. He was a dentist, but before that he was military, and there were times you’d call him, ‘Sir.’ New Year’s Day he had a drink and felt better, and the skate shop was open.” Furthermore, he even set up safety pads in the garage as he practiced his skating. Not even his sever pigeon-toe condition could stop this soon to be pro. Mullen, even though owning a skateboard for a little more than a year, won many events thus showing his true potential. Going on to only have lost one contest in eleven years.

              I believe Mullen could be, if not, is the most influential Skater along with Tony Hawk, James“Jake” Phelps, and Paul Rodriguez. He’s been credited to have created the very own kickflip, although it was originally named the “Magic Flip.” He went on to create countless tricks such as; the Darkslide, Heelflip, impossible, and the 360-flip. This resulted in him being deemed as the “Godfather of Street Skateboarding.” Without a doubt it is well deserved as even in his elder years he is still out there grinding and giving speeches as the number one freestyler in the world of skateboarding. Mullen Has also started up, not one, but three skate companies. His most recent being “Almost” (2005), which includes the likes of skaters Ryan Shekler and Daewon Song. Mullen will, without a doubt, go down as a legend in pop culture history.

Here’s some Gnarly Tricks and Stunts for your eyes to gouge on. Keep on the Grind, peace.

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