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Does Music Matter?

Over the years, music has evolved to become an integral part in our lives, from artists using their songs as a canvas to spread a message to its connections in different cultures, it is important to study its affects and power over society. Upon studying music, we begin to understand as to why it makes people act a certain way, do certain things, feel certain ways. For example , Sam Cooke’s “Times are a Changin’” could have just been brushed off as yet another sad song, however, as we look past its mellow rhythm and soft-spoken lyrics, and look deeper as to when it was created and for who it was created we as people gain a much different understanding upon a second hearing. This song became vital in the 60s as it spread a positive message of rising through hardship and work during the civil rights movement. It connected to its audience on a different level as it traveled through everyone’s homes, cars, and shops. Nevertheless, not all music serves the same purpose as Cooke’s song of revolution; some music connects to its audience, not through message, but culturally. When we study the unique styles of music in different cultures, we can further understand what it says about said culture. For example, take Jamaica, although the size of an island, its people take pride in the power of their reggae style of music. Their percussive style forms a vital part of the life their people; Even their religious beliefs influence their musical culture, both locally and globally. Because of these connections it becomes clear as to why we should study why music is important to those who listen and how it effects everyone around it.

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