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Disccusing Discourse Communities

I would have never noticed the major differences between the way talk and the lingo I use when I change who I’m round. The two communities I can mainly associate myself include; the competitive overwatch scene and people who take part in watching movies.

            When overwatch came out no one knew it was going to be this big, when I first began to play it I was only playing for fun, but after finding a few friends and starting to play competitively I began to notice the unique things I said and the way I communicated with people. As our games started to get heated, I would catch myself using phrases such as “hop off me” and “Scrub.” Both these phrases are used as minor derogatory words against the enemy team meaning simply that they’re bad at the game. Many times, these terms are misused by players who get mad because they aren’t contributing as much as they think they are and then get called out for it. Another example includes “Get C9’ned.” This term is more complicated than it seems even if it started out as a meme in the community. A C9 is basically when a team fails to capture an objective from the enemy team due to needlessly over-extending, over-aggressiveness or any other unnecessary reason when they had a good chance of capturing the objective, should they have stayed on it instead of going after the enemy. This is one of, if not the most popular term used to demean for the simplest mistake.

            This is nowhere near what I would say during a talk with someone else who loves going to the movies as much as I do. When I go to the theater with friends, we use labels on specific types of people we see. These terms aren’t used as a negative connotation but just as a way to poke fun at friends and strangers. For example, “The Moocher,” this is a person you would see mainly in a group of two or more, The Moocher takes advantage of their friend’s hospitality as they pretend to have forgotten their wallet thus making their friends pay for his/her visit to the theater, when in reality he/she is just greedy. On the other end of the spectrum there is “The Smuggler,” but no not that kind. I have more than once been deemed as the smuggler in my group, one can always catch a smuggler by size of their clothes and or bag. What a smuggler does is prepares snacks before the movies because they know the obliteration that concession prices can cause to their wallet. Family Dollar prices their chocolate and skittle boxes for one dollar meanwhile you’d have to be a mad man paying six more at the stand.

As one can see although I take part in both communities, the way I speak in either is nothing but different. This doesn’t mean I have to be a different person; it just means I change the things I say to fit the environment.

Communication between two people.

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