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Blog 7: Another Annotated Bibliography

Alex Crooke & Raphael Travis Jr. The healing power of hip hop, 2017. Crooke and Travise shine a light through the negatively connotaded culture that is hip hop. Crook and Raphael even mention how many people in the US labell rap lyrics as a criminal threat and how it’s harmful to those that cross path with it at a young age. Even though it can be true Crooke and Travis explain that the meaning behind the lyrics and the videos are what define this genre of music how those who can relate with it use it as a “therapeutic tool.” After studying it through out his career, Dr.Crooke find that hip hop to be a positive way for young teens of a diverse background to engage with a wider community. Crooke and Travis also exclaim that Hip hop is made to be a way to express oneself and although this community cannot cure all hardships and oppression the culture is important to reflect critically on our perception of sociatal norms and racial issues. This article serves the purpose to inform in a maner like none other. Focusing directly on how hip hop can be a sort of therapist for its audience speaks out and is well exsecuted. Dr.Cooke and Mr.Travis seem to have outdone themselves in this co-writen piece adding on a proffesional view and an experienced one add to the credibility.

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