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There’s No Need to Bullsh*t a School Paper

Writing your first research paper may seem scary like the monster under the bed when you were a child, but as all stories go, the monster is always just in our imagination. The same goes to papers, if you give it too much power over your, it will be scary, and it will be a tough assignment to tackle. However, with all great research paper comes one key element, preparation. One good habit to pick up whilst writing a paper is organization; Your paper’s main points and sub points should fit and synergize with each other. While many think they have a strong essay, more than often, their papers fall flat due to points not making sense and the information backing them up aren’t as strong as they should be, simply because they weren’t organized well enough. Creating an outline helps with this deterrent as you can visualize how your essay will look and sound before even starting on the draft/finished product. Furthermore, to help create with a strong essay one must know what they are talking about in order to further make sense of their topic essay. Many failed essays may have acceptable grammar and be extraordinarily organized but at times they fail to stay focused on the argument. Once an essay falls on a tangent it is rare to see them go back to their original point thus losing all its credibility as a successful essay. The failure of keeping on the topic makes the writer and the paper look unprofessional and unable to complete the task, which is why not only should a paper be well organized but the content should all fit together in order to make an exceptional essay.

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