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Rap Survey: an Analysis

The survey we created questioned the respondents on their view of rap and its place in race relations. An equal amount of male and female contributors participated in our survey. As a result, we were able to review both gender’s viewpoints. We purposely created a schism of answer choices based on what we believed were antiquated beliefs and new popular thoughts about rap and hip hop. The projected results were expected to vary and provide a broad view in the beginning. However, participants chose the most progressive answers choices we listed for most questions. Furthermore, about 50% of participants believe that rap promotes negative stereotypes about both men and women. About 90% of all participants say they enjoy the music and don’t specifically listen to artist who most resemble their ethnicity or gender. This makes me wonder why people will still listen to rap even though it brings a negative connotation with it, maybe it’s the history, maybe it’s the messages within, it might even be that people feel connected to this form of art. Also, another answer took me by surprise, as I did not think about the double standards they spoke about while I was writing this survey. In question three “Do you think rap has entertained negative stereotypes in the black community?” they were able to point out the differences in how some media perceives people from the industry based on their appearances. They explained that even though artists of black and white decent can portray the same message, most people in the black community are painted as “thugs” and “gangsters” while most white artists are seen as people who come from a broken community and have seen dark sides. But I digress, this survey serves only as a simplification of people’s thoughts and ideas about this occurring theme of rap and its racial connections. And even though my expected results did not go as planned, I am still content that the results were able to make me question my own views on this topic.

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