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How to End a Friendship the Wrong Way

In the article; “Escape Plans,” from Men’s Health Magazine, we are given an advice on how to end our relations with a friend, however their way is both irrational and immature. One may have many reasons to end a friend ship, “Escape Plans” explains that the best ways to leave a friendship without any heat is to ease your friend out of your “recent calls,” scale back e-mails or texts, and to wait long intervals before returning calls. However, in reality leaving someone who thought of them as their good friend like this can leave a negative impact on said person, thus creating bad blood. So when that person who thought of the other as their friend starts to realize these patterns their thoughts could easily take a turn for the worst. They may feel as if they weren’t good enough to keep fire burning, so when they feel like garbage it doesn’t create a good mentality towards themselves nor to the aggressor. It’s also not just hurtful, it’s immature. This advice is supposed to be for grown people, but this seems more like an entry inside of an “angsty” teenager’s journal. A grown person is supposed to be able to confront situations like this head on, there is no need for “ghosting” a person because it doesn’t feel as if their friend is as fun as they used to be or because they’re toxic. Contrarily, it’s more toxic to back out of a friendship with no reasoning or explanation. The better approach to a situation like this is to quite literally approach the other person on the problems at hand. If a the person isn’t who you thought they’d be or you just can’t get along with one and other without constant arguments it’s better to state the problems and explain why you’re cutting ties . So if ending a relationship looks to be the best decision there is, there’s no reason to behave like a child nor should one “ghost” another. Although it may suck to have one less friend, it leaves a less bitter taste in each other’s mouths about one and other to make sure there are no problems when parting ways.

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