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Top Tier English Courses

Out of the many English courses students can take in their academic years, I hold the opinion that both; Composition and Technical writing courses are the best a student can take. Not only is composition writing the basis of writing, it is also a stepping stone that helps any and all writers branch out to other forms of writing. In composition classes students are taught how to become a better writer all around, the writing assignments that students will tackle revolve around much more than summarizing and interpreting text. The fundamentals of this writing course include; forming a topic and developing arguments, these inturn stimulate the way students think and try to drive them away from making basic decisions and mistakes he or she  may have made prior to this course. Thus effectively transforming the student’s way of writing into something more thought provoking and enlightening. These newly found skills may also help transfer into different classes and work such as; History Reports, Biology labs, Sociology essays, and much more. Moreover, Technical writing may sound similar to Composition writing only because both try to teach students ways to become better writers, but technical writing couldn’t be more different. Many students may be studying for a field of work on the professional side, but not always do they know how to attain a job in that field after college. This is where technical writing comes to play here is where students learn how to write resumes, memos, powerpoints, and more. And yes not all jobs require you to present powerpoints, but at some point in time you may need to write up a report for your boss, or email your employees/co-workers on a team project. This may seem only important to businesses, however, technical writing expands to the four corners of the working world. So subjectively, I  believe that composition and technical writing classes not only help students write better but also help illuminate a student’s mind to think outside the norm of writing. 

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