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The Controversy of Mandatory Religious Classes

I disagree that world religion classes should be mandatory before graduating, by it being mandatory many may take it as it being forced upon them or others who do not find other religions to be true. Many religions, such as Christianity and Islam, have a strict point of view on many fields of life such as belief in gods and rights. By making students who believe heavily on their religion take these classes may find this extremely offensive to their beliefs and may be in attack to their freedom of religion. Many of these students live a strict lifestyle and may not want to be exposed to other religions as they have been raised in an environment that teaches them to follow certain morals. For example, many Christians say it their job to turn or enlighten others to follow Christianity by all means, this in turn can be offensive to a born and raised atheist who choses to not follow in those footsteps. This upraises unnecessary conflict in between students in an educational atmosphere. This in turn causes tolerance to lower and hatred to spread. In conclusion, making classes of this nature manndatory may in turn cause more stress upon both students and teachers alike because it may offend many groups of people.

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